Owner of Jenny’s Mask Studio

Hi! I’m Jenny Mickelson, and with the help of my Mother-in-Law Shirley, we have sewn thousands of cloth face masks, experimenting with dozens of patterns, styles, and sizes to get a fit that works for just about anyone’s face. Every detail of the mask has been considered, from the breathability to the usability, to the material.

I strive to stay up to date on the latest guidelines from the CDC and other health experts with the goal of making a mask that provides as much protection as it can while looking good and expressing the personality of the wearer. My masks also work well over N95’s and surgical masks if you’re looking to double mask! 

Please reach out with any questions: Jenny@jennysmasks.com


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  • Excellent coverage across your face and under your chin! Which means less messing with your mask!
  • Nonrestrictive roomy “3D box” style gives you more breathing room (makes you feel less claustrophobic). Many 3D designs are sewn across the front which makes sizing trickier than with my relaxed box design. Plus the more open design allows the mask to be worn over N95 or surgical masks. 
  • 2 layers of  high quality cotton fabric PLUS the option of 1-2 Polypropylene layers sewn between those layers. 
  • Behind the head, soft and stretchy  straps made from hand cut swimsuit fabric are easy to adjust with a pony bead and won’t hurt the back of your ears. 
  • Flat metal nose strip for ultimate comfort and FOG-FREE fit. Many masks have the nose wire sewn in so when it gets bent or mangled after a lot of use, the mask is no longer effective. I take the time to sew in a special nose casing that holds the wire so it can be easily removed for washing /replacing. It’s takes more time making a mask this way but offers more flexibility and durability.
  • Beautiful 3D face masksStylish fabric designs suited to your personality! A quilter by nature and a lover of fabrics, I offer over a 100 choices. 95% of them come from my local quilt shop. I feature fabric designers like Tula Pink, Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Robert Kaufman, beautiful batiks, and more! Many out of print/collector’s fabrics too! I believe in paying more to support small local businesses. 
  • Want to see how to wear this mask? Check out my YouTube Channel Jenny’s Masks

Thank you for your purchase and support! My goal is to make a mask that will last and is your most comfortable mask in your stash! SOOO many people have tried SOOOO many masks, and after they’ve worn a “Jenny Mask” it’s the only one they’ll wear and they keep coming back for more. Happy Mask Wearers make my day!! 🙂 I know mask wearing won’t last forever and I’m adding new items to my Etsy shop for when that day comes- like super comfy headbands. You can match them with one of my beautiful face masks!

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Stay safe and be well,