WEARING/FITTING YOUR MASK (be sure to wash new masks before wearing):

1. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask.

2. If desired, line your mask with a filter, paper towel, etc. and add your nose wire.
3. With the back of the mask facing you, place the bottom loop over your head like a necklace, pull the top strap over the back of your head, mold the nose wire, and pull ties straight up (to get a snug fit behind your neck) then PULL TIES APART (for a snug fit behind the back of the head). Bead will hold the ties in place.
4. To hide ties under your hair, after getting a snug fit, pull your mask down around your neck and then lift the top straps up over your ears.
5. You can trim ties or leave long if you want it to hang more around your neck (when it’s not covering your face).
6. Check for a tight seal. You should see the mask moving in and out when you breathe.


I offer 3 sizes to fit all face sizes. My standard fits most everyone because of it’s “relaxed box design” but I can also make any mask in a small which is great if you have a small face or have a teen or tween looking for a cool new mask. My mom and I prefer a size small- but I’m modeling the Standard Size in all my photos unless specified. In the “turquoise zebra mask” demo below I’m wearing a size small. The small also fits my 11 year old. I also have a separate listing in my Etsy shop for my larger sized masks which work great for bushy beards and larger faces. My husband is modeling the Large, but he prefers the standard. I just needed someone to model it for me 😉





• Masks can be hand washed in hot soapy water/air dried or thrown in the washer/dryer with your regular clothes (it helps to put them in a mesh bag and may require ironing to get them crisp again). All fabric is pre-washed and dried on hot/sanitize setting to prevent shrinkage. REMOVE your nose wire when washing (replacements can be found in my Etsy shop).
• If your mask has the Polypropylene liner, only iron on medium/wool setting (higher temperatures will melt it). Avoid ironing swimsuit ties and green coated wire.