Now introducing a new item to my shop- JENNY’S HEADBANDS with 25+ fabrics to choose from! After trying countless headbands that wouldn’t stay on my head, I decided to start making my own. I LIVE in these headbands 24-7. They keep my ears warm on walks, save me time in the morning because let’s face it, who wants to do their hair everyday?!? One of my most favorite ways of wearing these headbands is as a sleep mask! It keeps my earplugs from falling out and helps me fall asleep faster. I’ve even made some custom listings with my famous 3D Masks paired up with coordinating Headbands!! Some of the fabrics are the last I have so if you see a combo you like, snatch it up!

I offer 2 sizes- a wide (4″x19″) and narrower (“3.25×19”) headbands.